Wild Orchids

Lady Slippers near Prince George, BC

Lady Slippers near Prince George, BC.

A rare find… Lady Slippers. The sepals have dried up, but the slippers themselves are in fine shape. This plant was part of a large, healthy colony near a ditch. I couldn't resist taking a photograph. Like all wild orchids, these are protected by law.

On the same trip, I saw 14 bears by the highway… unlike the orchids, the bears aren't exactly rare so I didn't stop to take any pictures of them.

Virtual revisitation

Here's another way to waste time with Google: find foreign city streets that you visited in years past. And what better time to do so, than on the 10th anniversary of the visit? The photos are of a small street at the southwest corner of Akihabara Station in Tokyo. The first is a photo that I took in 2002, the others are Google photos taken in 2008 and 2009. Hey, Google, where are some pics from 2012?