Keeping up the pace

The Calgary Marathon is only two weeks away! Today was my last long training run, I decided to play it by ear because my knee has been bothering me for a few days. It feels like it is bruised or something, though it has no discoloration. If it got bad, I was going to cut my run in half. Much to my surprise, it didn't bother me at all unless I overextended, e.g. by landing straight-legged while going downhill. In fact I bet that is how I injured it in the first place.

So, not only did I complete the 39 km that I had set out to do, but thanks to my slow, cautious running at the beginning I never ran out of steam. I kept up a pace of around 4:40 per km the whole way and finished in three hours. If I had run a marathon distance, I would have finished in 3:15. That is just… wow! Calgary Marathon, here I come! Hopefully my knee will still agree with me about this in the morning.