Now up to 30km

This morning was my first 30km practice run, after several weeks of slowly building up distance. Next week is a rest week, so next weekend will just be 24km, but the week after that I will be aiming for 32km and beyond.

About the run itself, this is one that didn't go so well. The run itself was fine, it was the aftermath that was painful; apparently my body is still adjusting to the summer heat. Within a few minutes of arriving home the nausea started, and it was combined with a burning hunger and absolute lack of energy. Unluckily, my fridge was empty except for milk and orange juice, which ended up forming a rather unpleasant curdled mess in my stomach.

I wanted to do nothing except curl up in my bed until the nausea stopped, especially since I was also experiencing the cold shivers that often follow overheating. As it was, though, I was a sweaty mess, so I pulled off my clothes and sat in the bathroom until I had recovered enough to take a shower. After that, I needed a two hour nap and an hour of light reading before I was feeling like myself again. So a two and a half hour run had cost me half a day.

The good news is, the recovery was complete, and after getting out of bed, I was only suffering from tired legs and a massive hole in my stomach. Later in the afternoon I was also suffering from a $120 grocery bill that included several items that I don't usually buy, mostly salty stuff. I wonder why?

Running Route 9