Stampede 10k road race – Yee-haw!

I don't know what a people race has to do with Stampede. In this event, we are neither chasing cows, nor being chased by them. In fact, there was not a single cow in sight! Since they are asking for suggestions for next year's race, I should suggest that they should really add some cows if they want to call it the "Stampede Road Race".

This was a good race for me. Running fast has a very different feel now, compared to a couple months ago. It used to be that when I tried to run fast, I would just heat up without actually increasing my speed. This still occurs before I have warmed up, but after about 8 minutes into a run, my stride seems to become more efficient. It is hard to explain, but my legs don't work against me anymore. To tell the truth, and I am not advocating that one purposely injures oneself, the iliotibial band injury has made me much more aware of running style. By forcing me to learn to run without putting undue strain on my hips and knees, it has helped me to get a lot more out of my legs. Or the improvements could be just the pay-off from an additional 250km of training.