Bottle half-full

As the weather warms up, hydration is becoming more of an issue on long runs. Until two weeks ago, it was only 8 degrees in the morning and warmth was more of a concern than water. But last week things changed fairly quickly, and my usual Sunday run was a little warmer than I expected… I didn't reach a fountain until the heat had already gotten to me.

I hate hip flasks, and carrying bottles by hand is troublesome when the bottle is half-full. It sloshes around, and you instinctually stop swinging your arm to keep it from sloshing. My solution to this problem is little silly but still practical. When my bottle is less than full, I just squeeze it until there is no room for air, and then I cap it. Easy! No sloshing! Actually, the squeezed bottle is more rigid and easier to hold than the full bottle. Each bottle is 600ml, enough for two 300ml gulps. Sure, I must look silly jogging down the path with a squished bottle in my hand, but hey, it works. Even better, since it's just a pop bottle, I can throw it away as soon as it is empty.